Multi-variable n (n ≧ 2) Blockchain

What kind of currency is the cryptocurrency more realistic than stone or paper money?
What kind of world is the world seeking this?

The blockchain itself is a historic invention, but today's cryptocurrencies are the result of an uncontrollable blockchain. It is a runaway currency that is convenient to support the issuer's political ambitions, especially for the CCP. On May 1st, I'm around the corona pandemic. I have a concern: Japan where there is no "samurai" in the Diet, the people who incite fear, people fleeing in the corona nightmare, and appear the sights of science fiction movies at the end: It is a world that has abandoned these, some that must not be abandoned to restart modernity, some that must be left to descendants: where centralized authorities were exhausted, central banks were exhausted, and supply chains were erased ... How can we bring back the modern world? What can I do? We need some new money, no stones, no shells.

There is a “multi-variable n (n ≧ 2) blockchain” that is useful also in such a world: it is a controllable blockchain. Originally the blockchain did not require any centralized authority: Blockchains with n = 2 degrees of freedom, created from the multi-variable n (n ≧ 2) IDs, can interrupt or block suspicious money laundering procedures: they can also control around illegal drug sites. Furthermore, a blockchain with n = 3 degrees of freedom is ready to commit a third party to the signature chain (coin) procedure.

Neither the degrees of freedom n = 2 nor the degrees of freedom n = 3, the private key for signature does not exist as data, nowhere is it searched. However, it exists as a function. Therefore, there is no target for cyberattacks. That means perfect protection for consumers. In addition, even if you lose your wallet, you can preserve your "money" (described later). Such a cryptocurrency would be good news for central banks.

In particular, I would like to expect entrepreneurs and ambitious people: you can create a lot of businesses that both Trump and Sanders will appreciate. For example, there is a cryptocurrency with n = 3 degrees of freedom that Bernie Sanders would be delighted with: this is a cryptocurrency that we offer to students and the poor, whose vows to self-help balance like a "government bond." Donald Trump rejoices in the "Global Digital Passport", which is an Internet passport that respects national sovereignty while attesting to legal border traffic: it is a blockchain with n = 3 degrees of freedom. There is also Internet BIS with n = 3 degrees of freedom. Clearing between central banks requires a trusted third party: this cryptocurrency with n = 3 degrees of freedom offers a position of the third party. Similarly, let's establish a foundation for global identity. This aim provides the poor with a "society where they exist", which is the basis of Identity. The earth is not of one government but becomes of one family. One world government or one UN, something like that goes to the trash.

I welcome the participation of entrepreneurs and ambitions. The multi-variable blockchains are looking forward to your participation, who loves national diversity and cultural diversity. The mathematical outline is explained here. Please read it.


Eiji Watanabe
May 03, 2020

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